Let Helen put together a few truly special pieces as a beautifully wrapped gift for any occasion.

Choose value /Choose an option, feel free to message to customise it, these are just ideas! Please remember everything here is handmade, in limited supply, items are selling out.

  • $20 Option A: Mini ceramic tea light beaker, small magnetic bookmark or heart magnets & Studio Soph Postcard
  • $30 Option B: Small Vessel or jug, Small Magnetic bookmark or pack of heart magnets & Studio Soph Postcard
  • $30 Option C: Ceramic soap dish, small soap & pack of heart magnets
  • $50 Option D: $45 earrings (Lovefool or Gwyneth Hulse Design), Magnetic feather or mini bookmark or heart magnets
  • $50 Option E: Candle in a ceramic vessel & small soap.
  • $50 Option E: Ceramic plate, small soap & feather magnet.
  • $50 Option F: Small restickie art dot, mini magnetic bookmark & Small Vessel or Jug.
  • $60 Option G: Porcelain Cup, Small restickie art dot & Small soap.
  • $60 Option H: Pohutukawa Leaf Earrings, Small restickie art dot & Small soap.
  • $60 Option I: Ceramic Leaf Decorations, Small restickie art dot & Small soap.
  • $60 Option J: Floral Coin Purse, Small restickie art dot & Small soap.
  • $70 Option K: 150g beeswax candle in a Ceramic vessel, Small restickie art dot & Small soap.
  • $70 Option L: $45 Lovefool or Gwyneth Hulse Earrings, Small restickie art dot & Small soap.
  • $80 Option M: 2x Waitaki River SandTumblers or 2x Handblown glass tumblers, Magnetic bookmark & a soap.
  • $80 Option N: Porcelain Emma Turner Bottle Vase, Handpainted Emma Turner Card, heart magnets & mini magnetic bookmark.
  • $80 Option O: Any statement braid necklace by Gwyneth Hulse, small soap, Studio Soph card & magnetic bookmark.
  • $80 Option P: Coin purse by Helen Miller Leather, small soap & magnetic bookmark.
  • $100 Option Q: Helen Miller Leather Clutch, small soap & magnetic bookmark.
  • $100 Option R: Earrings by Kouka Design, small soap, small restickie art dot
  • $100 Option S: Fruitbowl studio crush studs, Small Vessel & small soap
  • $150 Option T- Oamaru local: 2 x Oamaru Sand Porcelain Penguin vessels, Oamaru Blue Soap, Riverstones restickie art dot $150
  • Option U: Any Lovefool earrings, Candle in a ceramic vessel, hand lotion, restickie art dot
  • $150 Option V: A mix of previous combos to this value!
  • $200 Option W: Fruitbowl Pendant necklace, small soap & restickie art dot
  • $200 Option X: The Forge Stirling Silver Ring Kit, $25 Inc. Voucher, small Restickie art dot
  • $200 Option Y: Any 2 ceramic or glass vessels, Helen Miller leather coin purse, Lovefool earrings, small restickie art dot, or magnetic bookmark & feather.
  • $250 Option Z: Fruitbowl Pendant earrings, or crush ring, or pendant necklace, small soap, Ceramic vessel, small restickie art dot. Or a combination of earlier options



Browse the site for some ideas, and feel free to request particular items. Thank you for choosing a local gift!

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    • You can ask for a suprise!
    • You can give general guidance (i.e. favourite colour, likes necklaces but not earrings etc.)
    • You can choose from one of the options A-Z
    • Or you can request that particular items from the website are included.


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