Natural, and locally made by Honey & Spice (Helen's sister!)


Rosehip & Argan Hair & Face serum, 30g.

Seriously sunshine in a bottle!

This organic oil treatment is nourishing & moisturising yet quickly absorbed.

Rosehip brightens skin tone and reduces dark circles.

Argan oil is high in essential fatty acids which help gain elasticity and tone. It also helps to protect and regenerate skin cells, great for damaged and mature skin. Jojoba is high in vitamins A D and E and is structurally similar to our own natural sebum.


It is non greasy and can help prevent pores clogging and acne forming. Flaxseed smoothens the skin, evens skin tone and can help the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


To apply massage 2 - 3 drops in circular motions into face and neck. Hair apply a few drops to fingertips and tousled through the tips for soft shiny heavenly hair

Hair & face serum




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