Six beautiful fabric feather magnets coordinated together as a gift set. These are always well received!

Inspired by the eclectic collection of feathers you might find on a beach walk; some are tatty, some are perfect, big, small, coloured, textured, patterned.


They're sculptural in form and playful in the way they cast a shadow and reflect the light, with a fold down the middle of some of the feather shapes.


Looks lovely on stainless fridge as well as white - and best when the fridge is clear of any other clutter, think of these as kitchen art. They can hold a photo or reminder too.


Handmade from an array of beautiful textured fabrics, they're tactile and textured. 

Available in many metallic, shimmery fabric colours. Mixtures of Golds, Silvers, Silvers/blues, Metallic pastels or a metallic selection are most popular. 

You're welcome to request your own colours in the box.

Designed & made by Helen, here in the studio shop.

See the other listings for single feathers if you'd just like one or three.

These can be produced in larger quantities and make lovely corporate gifts and wedding favours, please get in touch if you're interested.

Gift set of magnetic feathers

Choose colour combinations
  • Available in a range of colours:

    • Silver
    • Dark silver
    • Soft gold crinkle texture
    • Bright gold
    • Bronze/deep gold
    • Peacock blue metallic
    • Smokey Grey stripe
    • Copper
    • deep metallic blue
    • bright teal blue
    • Black/silver sparkles
    • Brown/gold
    • Black/gold sparkle
    • Black with gold dots
    • Rose pink
    • Duck Egg
    • Other (type in box)




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